Say No To Aids And Drugs - By Nana Love (Angel Love)



N’HOPO aims at establishing an assessment centres which will be able to advice educate and treat babies and children at an early age so as to prepare them for an independent and mobile life as adults. The assessment centre will work in conjunction with other NGOs and the appropriate ministries and government departments. This will be our pilot project which will be equipped with the necessary facilities for therapy, medication and training for children and young persons with disabilities in Ghana and South Africa. The experience gained from this project will be used in setting up other centres within Ghana, South Africa and other African Countries. The organisation’s work in Africa will be unique in the following;

That the physically disabled child especially those needing orthopaedics and other mobility aids will be assessed at an early age, to assist in determining the appropriate need of individuals

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a tremendous growth in urbanisation of large African cities. These growths are visible with more traffic on the roads and more business construction, creating a pollution problem. One group whose livelihood more than any other puts them directly in the heart of this pollution problem are the crippled beggars we see on the streets in African cities, creeping and crawling in the open makes them inhale street dusts and foams. They need help.

In Ghana the effect of Harmattan wind (Hot dry wind which causes the skin to dry out) and Dust is also getting worse, but the disabled, the lame, the inform, the sick and the weak get the worse of it.

The lame and the cripple have to creep in the tropical sunshine and torrential rain to do their begging, their Ghana_Flag_Map_County_Pin_National-128hands and knees gets cut by broken grass and rough stones. Limbs becomes browse and sore. This is a very painful way of life. We aim to lessen their suffering.

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