N’HOPO is a charity organisation which sends aid to developing third world countries in Africa such as Ghana and South Africa. We send people to help, by working alongside communities in the rural areas of the countries in Africa. These people share skills and experience to encourage positive change. They emphasise on long term developments, and bridge the gap between rich and poor.

Education:- About one billion of the world’s adults – a fifth of the world’s population – are illiterate, and over 150 million children have never had the opportunity to learn to read and write. Yet a good education can give the poor people the skills and confidence they need to tackle the life’s problems.

We depend on the public’s generosity to keep this essential service running. Could you help us to provide vital health care; education for blind children and poor elderly in need ?

N’HOPO is also active in the UK. Thousands of people share our aims and support our work by raising funds.

Give now, your donation is urgently needed, and register and fill in your membership form and support us with your ideals.

Thank you for your kind support.