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NEW HOPE FOR THE POOR: In the UK we are planning an exchange with the local young people from London Boroughs, such as Ealing, with young people from Africa.

In the Borough of Ealing, the youth group will learn African culture and traditions, creating Dancing and Drumming will form important parts.

The main themes of this exchange are:-

  • Building confidence and raising the self esteem of the Youth.
  • The necessity of physically experiencing the diversity of Cultures and Traditions, the world has to offer.
  • Raising the young people’s awareness of the issues AIDS, HIV, and Sexual Health.

The exchange will involve the two groups coming together for a minimum of three weeks (21 days) and performing their acquired skills, developing new ideas as well as learning from each others.

They will then work together on a / workshop performance piece, which will :

  • Explore how music is used in the culture and traditions of Africa and the UK.
  • Explore the similarities and unique differences of music around the world.
  • Collaborate to create a show and a workshop, which will be used to tour schools, youth and community centres and local venues in both countries.
  • Produce recordings of their work music, document note for the exchange.
    N’hopo still looking for a bigger building space to continue its workshop / theaters assignments.

Ashanti Culture and Tradition and dancing, Pouring Libation and Drumming. The sound of these drums transmit messages.

  • Talking drumming for entertainment.
  • Talking drumming for funerals
  • Talking drumming for the direction of war
  • Talking drumming for calling people to come back from farms quickly to the village when there is an emergency.
  • More and more to come (Including cow horns) narrating the history of Africa.


Teaching The Akan plus many other traditional styles


The (Akan) cultural dancing of Ghana, social dance on the floor, whilst they are dancing to the tune of the music, they also gesticulate in different ways to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the entire gathering. Facial expressions, movements, gesticulation of arms and limbs also portray their thinking. How they are done will be taught.


Dance and Drumming Classes Enrollment Form

African talking drumming is a very powerful medium of communication through which music and messages can be transmitted and recieved. N’hopo will conduct drumming and dancing workshops to all ages and abilities, including those with mild disabilities. During the workshops our aim is to enjoy and share our pleasure and knowledge of African dance and drumming.

Adult Fees = £50 pounds for 10 week course.
Child Fees = £30 pounds for 10 week course.

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