What We Do


The organisation have studied the causes and effects of degradation and poverty in various parts of Africa, and are therefore set-up to fundraise for anti-poverty projects throughout Africa and to implement equality of opportunity aimed at eradicating poverty with a view to establishing provisions for healthy independence and self-supporting adults and children, through the use of natural resources, education, shelters, health centres, food, clothing, technology, business and social development, to assist poor areas with water supply and respond to emergency aid.




In furtherance of the above objective NEW HOPE FOR THE POOR CHARITY ORGANISATION (N’HOPO) shall aim to:
  • Act as an umbrella organisation to other African groups in furthering their/our independence and participation in the community together to help fight poverty, break down barriers and create awareness of Health issues such as Aids and HIV in Africa. In the process to assist people in our specified catchment areas to get good education, clean water and medicines.
  • Provide advice and support to individuals and groups willing to assist New Hope For The Poor Charity Organisation (N’hopo) Ltd in identifying and tackling issues of concern.
  • Promote co-operation and work with statutory services and local voluntary organisations in order to enhance the interests of people of African origin.

The advancement of education of children and young people in the UK, in particular those of African descent, in African languages and cultures and by the provision of leisure time and other activities to develop their mental, physical and spiritual capacities so as to assist them to grow to maturity as individuals and members of society.

Partnership Program

Working In PArtnership With Other Organisations In The UK And Other Countries

As a result of a two years research programme carried out in a number of African Countries. Through our agents and contacts in respective part of Africa such as Ghana, South Africa, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique and other part of Africa particularly war-torn parts of Africa. One of the many conclusion we arrived at, was the clear need to set up a series of initiatives and centres in Africa from which this organisation can operate.

Although in the media we hear a great deal about the largely funded organisation. We hardly hear about the smaller NGOs such as N’hopo out there in the bush and the frontline. N’hopo is struggling in some cases with little or no medical equipment and fast depleting resources to continue our activities at acceptable standards and level.

N’HOPO seeks to establish a number of sustainable projects to assist poor, illiterate and disabled children and young people. This will involve fundraising to establish a clinic and diagnostic centre where children will be assessed either in physical, learning or technical capabilities.

The aim of the centre is to be able to determine at an early age how the disabled child can be helped and prepared for an independent life as an adult, regardless of tribal background. The first two centre are to be built in South Africa and Ghana. N’HOPO-South Africa and N’HOPO-Ghana will be able to raise some of its own funds from the local businesses, the public through sponsorship and other fund raising activities and selling its services to government departments and agencies with the support of NEW HOPE FOR THE POOR CHARITY ORGANISATION (N’HOPO) UK.